sreda, 09. oktober 2013

The Jungle Racket

The Jungle Racket from Bros Before Pros on Vimeo.

| Sabre Trucks | Cult Wheels | Murksli custom longboards |

Spending weekend on the seaside, skating some crazy fun and speedy roads, sleeping on the beach and getting fucked up... priceless!

Riders: Jerry, Čuki, Slavc, Gačo, Beni, Ivo, Peči
Film: Gačo, Ivo, Slavc
Edit: Slavc
Music: Ralph Myerz - Deepest Red

Bros Before Pros Production

četrtek, 08. avgust 2013

petek, 26. julij 2013

Bro Diving 3.0

When we don`t skate, we dont`t skate at all!!
Tomo and Slavc`s Birthday party.

Film/Edit: Slavc
Music: Torpedo Boyz - That Is So Beautiful

Lozio Raw run - Jerry

Raw run down a racetrack in Lozio IT. Great event, great people!
Rider: Jernej Podgoršek
Camera: Matthias Mugele

petek, 31. maj 2013

The Goliath

Supposed to be a secret, but anyone can come skate it. The road is on such a fairy tale spot, wouldn't be surprised, if a bambi would came around.

Riders: Gačo, Jan, Slavc, Filmed: Gačo, Slavc, Edit: Slavc, Music: Monophonics - Goliath