sreda, 09. oktober 2013

The Jungle Racket

The Jungle Racket from Bros Before Pros on Vimeo.

| Sabre Trucks | Cult Wheels | Murksli custom longboards |

Spending weekend on the seaside, skating some crazy fun and speedy roads, sleeping on the beach and getting fucked up... priceless!

Riders: Jerry, Čuki, Slavc, Gačo, Beni, Ivo, Peči
Film: Gačo, Ivo, Slavc
Edit: Slavc
Music: Ralph Myerz - Deepest Red

Bros Before Pros Production

četrtek, 08. avgust 2013

petek, 26. julij 2013

Bro Diving 3.0

When we don`t skate, we dont`t skate at all!!
Tomo and Slavc`s Birthday party.

Film/Edit: Slavc
Music: Torpedo Boyz - That Is So Beautiful

Lozio Raw run - Jerry

Raw run down a racetrack in Lozio IT. Great event, great people!
Rider: Jernej Podgoršek
Camera: Matthias Mugele

petek, 31. maj 2013

The Goliath

Supposed to be a secret, but anyone can come skate it. The road is on such a fairy tale spot, wouldn't be surprised, if a bambi would came around.

Riders: Gačo, Jan, Slavc, Filmed: Gačo, Slavc, Edit: Slavc, Music: Monophonics - Goliath

ponedeljek, 20. maj 2013


And one more new road to skate. Gačica! Oneway road easy to close during the run! Here is just a quick edit from this joyful family weekend ...

Cult Wheels, Sabre Trucks, Murksli Custom Boards, Darkwood Longboards

torek, 30. april 2013

Bros Thrashin' Zagreb

Two crazy fun days in Zagreb, thrashin' everything we've seen on the way to see the Srčki gig in Sretna kuća.

What do you got?
Riders: Čuki, Gačo, Beni, Ivo, Ianez, Slavc, Jerry, Matej, Boldriders, R.O.W.
Supporterz: Cult Wheels, Murksli Custom Boards, Darkwood Longboards, Sabre Trucks
Edited: Slavc
Filmed: Slavc, Čuki, Ivo, Jerry
Graphics: Čuki
Music: Srčki live, Circle Jerks - Wild in the streets
Bros Before Pros Production

New playground - gif

Something while we are waiting for next clip.. Cartoonish Gačo and Slavc.

Skate and Create.

Gif by Čuki

torek, 09. april 2013

Orto Longboards

Super smooth edit by Multipraktik. This is campaign for but, we will do a lot cooler video in a few months... stay tuned!

torek, 26. marec 2013

Season 2013 is here

Almost! 15 cm of snow on 26th March sucks, but we had some nice skate days past week. Here is the result, fun edit Slavc did from Toto ...

Cult wheels, Sabre trucks, Murksli Custom Boards, Darkwood