torek, 30. avgust 2011

Bro Diving

On the hot summer day in KnK! New swimming spot, new adventures, new dives, same old bros. The result is here :)

torek, 23. avgust 2011

KnK longboard camp 2011 /on the road

KnK longboard camp 2011 report

quick report from knk longboard camp 2011:

one week 
crazy partys
great people
sick hills
one day, he shit himself
WC in croatia
perfectly cold river
burnin' the hailbails
brushing your tits with schnaps
buchstabieren sie bitte
zusammen we had best week ever...

BROs before PROs

petek, 12. avgust 2011

A blast from the past!

We are on our way to KnK longboard camp! Gonna stay there for a week! So here are some vids from our past! Enjoy watching, bitches! :P


Grajski dan

samo bedaki in konji / only fools and horses

Mouth warping road

Fuck me sideways

Snt kruz

RocknRoll and Skate On!!