sreda, 09. maj 2012

The Bear Awakening 2012 report

Longboard Magazin organized The Bear Awakening on one of the best roads around, from 28.4 to 1.5. 2012. We helped LB Mag crew with the preparation on the track 1 week before and another 5 days after the event to clean the road.

We worked our asses off to prepare the track.. around 2000 hails, but it was worth it, cause we got to ride the road for all 4 days. Fuck yeah!!
When the first truck full of hails came, it was raining and the shitty hails were even heavier... but nevertheless we drank another beer and the power was back in our hands.

While we were getting closer to the event, weather became better and better until the first day of event, when the temperature was getting up to almost 30degree celsius and staied that way for whole 4 days of freeride mmmmm...

 Photos by Matic and Ignac

We didn't bring any of our goodies because of recesion.. :)) but you must come back in august, we will bring t-shirts and other stuff with us and share it with you, your bros and bitches..

Once again we must say that the organization was great, no bears on track, cheap beer, a lot of ''CD's'' ... and so on.. :)

See you in august!
bros before pros